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A video of Thamesmead (first in a series)

Once again, the text introduction falls into the cliche description of how Southmere Lake played host to scenes from A Clockwork Orange, but this is a fun little video that also brings in the more modern Misfits and plays with … Continue reading

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It seems that there are plans afoot to potentially resurrect a previously dead scheme to add a new crossing to the Thames, one which would link Thamesmead and Beckton. This was apparently first mooted some years ago and quashed by … Continue reading

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Trees to be planted in Birchmere Park

A friend of mine lives in Walthamstow and recently extolled the virtues of a local scheme that had people up early in the morning and turning out in droves to plant trees in the area. It looks like it may … Continue reading

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Bexley’s Green Points scheme

There’s a recycling initiative going on locally in an attempt to reduce household waste. The full story seems to have been dropped in press releases and reported all over the web on sites such as What appears to happen … Continue reading

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How I ended up in Thamesmead

In the early 2000s I moved to Peterborough in the belief that my work was going to be going there, and with the fallback position of it not being too expensive to commute from there to London and pay a … Continue reading

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A rough plan

Building a readership for a blog is no easy task, and until there is some compelling content, what can possible bring readers back? For that reason I don’t intend to start working hard on pulling in viewers until I have … Continue reading

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Hello Thamesmead!

Welcome to the new blog. This is one person’s view on Thamesmead. One of the golden rules of writing is to write about what you know. While I’m no expert on Thamesmead and Abbey Wood, I do live here. I … Continue reading

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