Chemist needs a home

As reported in the local press, a local chemist is about to be kicked out of its premises and needs to find a new place to set up shop locally in the near future, else it will have to go out of business. There are some strange conditions related to the new premises, which mean it needs to find a property to occupy within half a kilometre of the current business at Tavy Bridge. The shop is being closed down along with others in the small parade at Tavy Bridge, which is part of the regeneration project known as Southmere Village. The local health centre has offered space but it is too expensive to rent.

It’s odd to watch supposed improvements to an area have such a detrimental effect. I know that when I was suffering from an ear infection at the tail end of last year, it was no fun at all to need to take the bus up to Morrison’s supermarket to collect my prescription because the chemist was shut by the time my appointment with the doctor was over. On the other hand, I’m not entirely sure why the premises just outside Abbey Wood station are unsuitable – a shop has been empty there for months since the cafe closed down. While it’s not ideal, there are other options available if this shop is closed – the supermarket houses a chemist and drug dispensary and while I’m not sure of the locations a train ride to Erith or Woolwich will almost certainly offer more options. There seems to have been a lack of forethought on the part of the owners, as I’ve been aware that they were going to have to close at the current premises for some time. I’m happy to be educated on details of why they haven’t found somewhere to move to in the meantime should there be extenuating circumstances, but overall the whole situation seems to be a badly thought through mess.

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