Estate Charges

The bane of many residents’ lives in Thamesmead has not reared its ugly head as soon as in recent years: The Thamesmead Estate charges bills have not yet gone out.

In an interesting move, despite giving me an indication that they would probably arrive around June, the bills have not landed, but a resident’s survey on the subject has. All residents should have received a letter from Peabody canvassing their views, and responses can be sent in on paper or via an online questionnaire. Questions asked include multiple choice ones clearly designed to see how realistic peoples’ views of what they are paying for are and more general questions regarding how things could be improved. Whether this will placate some of the more vocal complainants who believe that the charges are outrageous and the work they pay for isn’t completed to an adequate standard remains to be seen.

Peabody has a not insignificant amount of money at its fingertips, and it is a charitable organisation with a lot of experience of regenerating failing estates. They are by no means perfect, and with the amount of land and stock that they will be covering in the Thamesmead region should some of the ambitious building plans go ahead, they stand to make a reasonable profit. I wonder whether they are looking to adjust the bills downwards to improve public opinion in the area, and will be intrigued to see what my bill says when it finally appears.

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2 Responses to Estate Charges

  1. david lodge says:

    you wrote’ regenerating failing estates, Thamesmead is not failing, its the people who are failing Thamesmead instead of stirring up trouble with your anti profit statements maybe you should look closer at some of the scumbags that are destroying our estate and not at the people who are constantly trying to fix it.
    That takes courage not blogging unnecessary comments.

    • Max says:

      Nothing I said was anti-profit – it’s the Thamesmead Residents group that make all the noise about Gallions profiting from estate charges and not maintaining the area.

      Do you think that an area that contains “scumbags” is a sign of a successful region? Because it sounds to me as though you do think there are failures in the area. And whether Thamesmead is failing or not, Peabody does have a track record of improving failing estates. One of the things it does is make big attempts to foster community, so it will be interesting to see what develops on that front in this area. Certainly at the moment the place contains a lot of dissatisfied people who are tired of promises that never come to fruition, whether it’s about a river bridge, getting rid of the roadside horses, poor bus services or stopping the fly-tipping, as well as those who don’t like their neighbours.

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