Mario’s Mission – A Pet Foodbank

The local paper, News Shopper, ran a story recently, covering a new charity that has started in Thamesmead. You can read it at the link below, but to summaries, a couple of locals have set up a pet-food-bank. The idea is to redistribute pet supplies to those who have fallen on hard times, donated by other locals or by businesses. The scheme goes by the name Mario’s Mission, named after one of the cats that the organisers look after.

Having read the article, I got in touch and offered some cat litter that I had which is surplus to requirements and dropped it round to the house around the corner. It was only after I left that I confirmed that, yes, Barbara looked familiar because I’d met her before at some of the regeneration meetings. I’ve since met Sam, the other organiser, but I was already planning to do a write up on the charity because it’s innovative and could use any extra exposure.

It’s all too common to see people separated from their pets when money becomes an issue. While the PDSA can help with emergencies, the day to day costs of pet ownership can be suddenly overwhelming when people’s circumstances change. Mario’s Mission is looking to help avoid rehoming scenarios by keeping the food supplies available for those who need it. They’re serving only one client so far, but response has been largely positive with buy-in from Jolley’s pet shop in Dartford.

You can contact Barbara and Sam to offer supplies or to request aid for your own pets by email or on Facebook:

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