Needless nannying

There’s clearly not much news about in the Thamesmead region right now, since this little tale has made the pages of Newsshopper: Thamesmead shopper finds ‘deadly’ bleach among wine and cider in Abbey Wood supermarket

The story can be summarised quickly: Supermarket misplaces stock. Man blows it out of proportion.

Through a tenuous tale of children who can recognise that the McDonalds logo is linked to burgers, the local has put in a complaint to Lidl, claiming that a deadly mistake could be made when a small child mistakes bleach for a drink because they saw it nearby some drinks – a potentially lethal mistake!

Jeez. Any kid taking bleach from the space under the sink to have a swig needs to remember that it was among the drinks in a supermarket, fail to recognise that those were mummy-and-daddy drinks, and learn how to open a child-proof lid. Plus not be put off by the smell or distracted by the wealth of other cleaning things that might be fun to play with rather than drinking something for spurious reasons… It’s simply not going to happen due to a supermarket misplacement. Yes, the supermarket staff made a dumb mistake, but it’s bad because nobody is going to find the bleach and it’s filling space that they could be stocking with low cost weird alcohol from Germany, not because little Timmy’s going to have his life cut short.

Lidl’s statement is balanced and gracious… and a complete waste of everybody’s time.

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