South Thamesmead Forum

15-April-2015 – South Thamesmead Forum

Join the Peabody Group in helping to shape the changes you want to see in Thamesmead, 6:30-8:30pm.

Emmanuel Baptist Church | Yarnton Way | DA18 4DR | T: 020 8320 4470 (Luke)

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  1. Ken P says:

    Received Peabody posting and decided to follow through what’s going on. Lived in thamesmead for over 30 years and it’s very close to me and my family’s hearts.

    Didn’t realise or even know how much is going on. Where’s the sand our heads have been buried in?

    Will be closely monitoring the blog over the developing weeks. Thanks for making sense of the chaos that’s evident.

    Can you enlighten us as to how often the community groups meet. We’re particularly interested in the Central group, as it’s where we live.

    Many thanks!!

    • Max says:

      We will try to make sure we post about these events shortly before they happen – in this instance I overlooked Sharon’s updates and didn’t publish them until after the event. The South Thamesmead group meets roughly every two months. The Community Voice meeting is, I think, quarterly. Both should be listed on the Trust Thamesmead site: And they have also said they will try to make more use of the notice boards around the estate. I’m not sure about the other Thamesmead group meetings, but suspect they will be on the same sort of schedule as the South Thamesmead one.

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