Stepping out of the shadows

I’ve stepped back from blogging over the past year or so, partially because my working life has been so busy, but also in part due to the glacial slowness of the progression around regenerating Thamesmead.

Whilst I truly believe that Peabody mean well and have great plans for the area, fulfilment of those plans is not great, with most things being delayed way beyond their initial estimates. A couple of cases in point:

  1. Park View hub. The flats were completed long after their due date. Reports say that the residents within are happy enough now, but they underwent months of hardship while work was done to bring them to a finished state. The units below, though, are a joke. Brown’s Chemist has had problems getting a pharmacy license, so you can understand why they haven’t opened up, but the supermarket behind these units is supposed to be moving in, and has had a “coming soon” poster up for months on end, but they still, for the most part, sit there empty. Minutes from the local meetings constantly promise updates on the situation for attendees but they ultimately come down to “sorry, no answer available at this time” or “we’re now assured it’s going to happen any time now”. I haven’t been at a meeting in person for a while as I’ve had other commitments clashing with them, but they have turned rather tedious in the repetition.
  2. Work around Park View for residents. In April I wrote regarding literature through the door: “I was interested to read that you plan to paint the outside of homes in Holstein Way. I realise this is not for a while, but I am interested to know the extent of these plans. I am a home owner with a mortgage, living in Holstein Way. Will the proposal to paint homes include freeholders like myself?” I was told it would, and that the works should happen in August and I’d hear more soon. I’ve chased further and the last email I have was dated November, in which the query as to why nothing had happened was promptly replied to and I was told the relevant asset team would get back to me soon. Still waiting.
  3. The residents of Coralline and the rest of the area surrounding it may undergo compulsory purchase, but after a lot of noise in the first half of last year everything’s gone quiet pending an update in the new year. I am not holding my breathe. I suspect the pile of rubble next to the lake is going to be there for some time longer.

Does this herald the coming of fresh new updates on the area on my part? I’m currently uncertain, but they say a new year is a good time for a fresh start, don’t they? Let’s se what happens.

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