The Link has an opening date

Alerted by an email, I’ve just visited the website for The Link to discover that it finally has an official opening date as well as the “sneak peek” date mentioned in my last entry. To quote them directly:

The Link Thamesmead will be opening its doors on Monday 1 October 2012 and will offer the local community a wide range of fun and inspiring activities and opportunities, as well as spaces for hire.

I am very intrigued as to whether it’s something I’ll be able to make much use of. The fun facilities include editing suites, rope areas and a climbing wall but the emphasis is always put on “young people” with an afterthought mention of “the local community” tacked on as far as I can see. As an adult without kids I suspect my own access to the centre is likely to be relegated to the opportunity to hire rooms. I’m staying open minded, though, and hope that I get to play with the cool facilities.

It does look to be an excellent resource and I hope it does well. It should certainly quash some of the concerns about there being nothing for kids in the area.

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