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The people have voted and the winning entry for the decorative light sculpture to be installed at the roundabout on Harrow Manor Way is the peace sculpture. You can read about it here:

For some reason you can’t see a picture, though. The company that will be erecting the work have mentioned taking feedback from the public and adjusting the design to fit, so what we get when it goes up is yet to be determined.

I hope it looks good, because if those from outside the area have their way there will be an awful lot of people viewing in in years to come. There’s lots of talk about a bridge coming to Thamesmead, reignited recently after years of plans nearly making it and being cancelled at the last minute. It’s a road bridge that’s planned this time around, and critics say the local infrastructure just can’t cope with it. Darryl from the 853 blog points out that it would make an awful lot more sense to extend the DLR out to Thamesmead across the water. He rightly pointed out that Thamesmead deserves better than “get the bus to Abbey Wood” as a solution to its travel issues.

I do get miffed when people say that Thamesmead isn’t covered at all by train services, though. I had a small conversation over on Twitter with @boriswatch who says that the area within 15 minutes walk of Abbey Wood station is “what, 200m radius? Well south of what I’d call ‘Thamesmead’”. Um, no. That includes pretty much all of the concrete buildings and walkways that spring to mind when people think of Thamesmead – all the filmic backdrops, the infamous Clockwork Orange lake scenes. It’s something like a third of Thamesmead.

This map gives a good overview of the different chunks of Thamesmead:

Given that the Abbey Wood region merges into Plumstead which has its own station on the same line, I’d say it’s not unfair to claim that Abbey Wood station actually serves more of Thamesmead than it does Abbey Wood.

And they are some very small roads that somebody wants to send traffic up to cross the river. Will it happen this time around? Will it be worth it if we see air quality decrease hand in hand with unemployment in the area? Time will tell…

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