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In The Grand Manner (part 1)

This, and the subsequent posts in the series, is a copy of an article printed in Country Life, June 19th, 1975. By reproducing it here I hope to bring a bit of history to a wider audience. The ownership and … Continue reading

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An enterprising guy with a strong interest in film is working on a piece filmed in Thamesmead, named Streetz. The trailer for the piece is over on Youtube, and also embedded in the fund raising page on Indiegogo, here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/streetz#home … Continue reading

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Meet the Guvnors!

An interesting letter dropped through my door last night, warning me that a film is being made in the local area. Residents were being warned that there may be some disruption while filming took place, but it shouldn’t run too … Continue reading

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Graffiti in Thamesmead

One day, probably a year or so back, I walked past the National Gallery off Trafalgar Square on my way to work and I was intrigued by some writing across the front of the building, which proudly proclaimed: Each day … Continue reading

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Thames crossings

Thamesmead hit the news again last week with regard to yet another scheme to help the denizens across the river. This time, though, we’re talking a ferry crossing rather than a bridge or a tunnel. I’ve heard rumour that this … Continue reading

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A video of Thamesmead (first in a series)

Once again, the text introduction falls into the cliche description of how Southmere Lake played host to scenes from A Clockwork Orange, but this is a fun little video that also brings in the more modern Misfits and plays with … Continue reading

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Hello Thamesmead!

Welcome to the new blog. This is one person’s view on Thamesmead. One of the golden rules of writing is to write about what you know. While I’m no expert on Thamesmead and Abbey Wood, I do live here. I … Continue reading

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