South Thamesmead Community Forum – 13 August 2015 Emmanuel Baptist Church

Paul Fowler began the meeting with an update about current projects.

Lesnes To Crossness

The projected opening at the beginning of June has come and gone and it is due to be completed at the 4th of September. Reasons for the delay were given as:

– Contractor problems
– Water supply cut off
– Problems with the concrete benches
– Vandalism and arson

Peabody accepted that there was a need for additional security after completion. The next stage Southmere to Lesnes Abbey will follow.

Parkview Hub

The building is finished and the leaseholders now have keys to the units.

– Peabody has two units that have fitted out and the regeneration team are moving in w/c 17 August.
– Tari has three units undergoing fitting and will be a grocery store and café.
– An African shop have a further two units
– A Pharmacy one.
– The final units are for a community function but use is undecided

The meeting was then handed over to Alex Forrester from Trust Thamesmead who explained that the trust would be co-ordinating all the forums in future. Each forum will be allocated a budget of £50,000 by Peabody to spend on forum projects.

Alex is keen to devise an action plan and wants everyone to make suggestions for inclusion. For example it maybe dog fouling or fly tipping or even a neighbourhood get together.

He would also like to raise attendance at the forums so if you would like to go these are the dates for the next ones:

West Thamesmead Community Forum – 12 October 2015, 7pm Broadwater Village Hall.
North Thamesmead Community Forum – 13 October 2015, 5pm Manor Close Community Centre.
Central Thamesmead Community Forum – 14 October 2015, 5pm St Paul’s Church Bentham Road.
South Thamesmead Community Forum – 15 October 2015, 6.30pm Emmanuel Baptist Church Yarnton Way.

So why not attend you next meeting and share your thoughts and have input into the present and future of Thamesmead.

South Thamesmead Regeneration

The meeting continued with an introduction to some of the people working on the regeneration project.

The decision to demolish Coralline Walk and Evenlode house has been agreed by the Peabody board. Out of 150 responses from the householders there were only 4 serious objections. It seems that with the arrival of Crossrail and the changes along Harrow Manorway most people recognise the need for change. The intention is to create a ‘High Street’ with homes, shops and entertainment. Peabody are now consulting with residents about their housing needs and will keep anyone who wishes to stay in South Thamesmead in the area.

The Coralline Walk project is at the beginning of the process and will take several years to complete but progress has been made with the Southmere Village project on the demolished Tavy Bridge/Binsey Walk site. Proctor and Matthews and Mecanoo have been appointed as architects for the project.

A representative of Proctor and Matthews showed us some examples of their work and outlined their vision. The buildings will be a mix of heights with frontages along all roads. Housing will have a mix of occupants with 50% affordable housing, a substantial amount of which will be social housing. The other 50% will be either outright sale or market rent. The intention is to have a square alongside the lake and to incorporate water into the design. Community buildings will include a new library, Pop In Parlour and Function Hall. A main street will traverse the development with shops to link in with the new high street along Harrow Manorway.

However, all this is in its infancy and there are no plans on display. The next step will be a draft followed by a consultation in the next few months. The aim is for the planning application to be submitted early 2016 and work to begin mid-2016. So look out for the roadshows and invitations to events in the next few months and have you say.

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