Time For Change

No sooner than I had written the blog post about Kings Cross I heard about some proposed changes.

Peabody is seeking to improve the area nearest to Abbey Wood station in preparation for Crossrail. The residents of Coralline Walk (including Evenlode House) have received letters about a consultation. The letter further states that they want to demolish Coralline Walk. A representative will be contacting the affected households to explain the proposal.

So it seems another part of the original Thamesmead is to go. What is to replace it? I don’t know at the moment. Will it include The Barge Pole? I know Coralline Walk has had its problems of late but is demolition the answer? Sometimes it rips the heart out of a community. The thing I find ironic is that 2018 is the year Crossrail is set to open it is also Thamesmead’s 50th birthday.

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  1. Max says:

    I find this very disappointing. Peabody have been promising to consult on their proposed changes for some time, now. The recent Gallions work involved knocking down chunks of historic Thamesmead with solid plans in place for what would replace it. However, as has been common in Thamesmead’s history, they got part way through implementing the plans and then found themselves without money and no longer in charge. We’re left living next to a pile of rubble without so much as an inkling of what the people in charge would like to turn it into, and now they are planning to flatten the original buildings that are visible in all the old footage and pictures. As far as I’m aware some members of the Gooch family, the first to move in, still live in Coralline Walk. I wonder where they’ll wind up.

    I can understand that Crossrail brings challenges and chances to brighten up the area, but is this really the best plan? Raze it to the ground and start again? Or, knock it all down and leave it there for a year or two, if the Southmere development is anything to go by.

    There are undesirables in Thamesmead, that much is certain, but there are also people who care about the area and would like to be a part of the change. One of those people used to publish some of the community bulletins, and was active in the South Thamesmead group that meets with Peabody regularly. Her home is being pulled down imminently, as the remains of Binsey isn’t long for this world. She’s been rehoused in Greenwich.

    I rather wonder how long it might be before my own “concrete monstrosity” is earmarked for destruction, and just how they’re handling the people with freehold mortgages rather than tenancy agreements.

    Time will tell…

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