South Thamesmead Community Forum – Formally South Thamesmead Neighbourhood Group

The next South Thamesmead community forum will take place on Thursday 13th August at 6:30pm at Emmanuel Baptist Church. I have also attached a leaflet which has all the following dates.

Please come along to discuss any issues or ideas you have for your area.


Update on Coralline Walk

The Peabody board has approved the Recommendation to demolish Coralline Walk and Evenlode House.

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Thamesmead Arts Festival

Details about the week long arts festival in Thamesmead are slowly emerging on the Trust Thamesmead site.

There’s a list of some of the highlights in this PDF.

Unfortunately for me they are capitalising on half term and running most of this during working hours when I’ll be in central London, but hopefully I’ll make it along to some of it.  It’s kind of ironic that a festival to enliven the current community is going to show A Beautiful Thing because it was filmed in Thamesmead – the majority of locations used in the film have now been demolished, much to the chagrin of the locals!

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Our neighbours in Abbey Wood

There has been an active Facebook group for Thamesmead for some time, and despite referring to stage 3 in the title, it covers the goings on and memories of Thamesmead for all areas. You can find that here:

Recently, though, a new group has been started for Abbey Wood:

I’d already spotted it, but since I was asked via Twitter to spread the word it seemed well worth posting here – especially considering how hardly anyone knows quite where the boundary between Abbey Wood and Thamesmead actually lies – for the local paper it seems quite simple: If it’s a nice story about the emergency services arriving in the nick of time, it’s Abbey Wood, but if it’s currently unsolved crime then the same road is described as being in Thamesmead… But enough snideness.

One of the forthcoming items of interest in the area is the new Sainsbury store which I established today will be opening on 29th July. Hopefully long before then they’ll finish off the roundabout that is to serve it, and remove the temporary lights that are causing massive tailbacks. Over on The Murky Depths there are some links to jobs that the new store is now advertising along with a number of photographs of the development, but I’ll end with one I took myself:


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Erith And Thamesmead Hustings – Cancelled

Sadly this event is cancelled.

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Erith And Thamesmead Hustings


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Do you want your home to appear in a film?

I saw this poster tacked up on my way home – a film maker has been in the area and wants to use a local home interior for a film. Click the image to see the full size picture for full info if it’s not legible here. 


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The Boston Globe, 1970

 I found this interesting snippet via Twitter, posted by @heroicproject

Click the image to see the full sized version which espouses the merits of what Thamesmead was expected to be back in the early years, and contrasts it to the projects happening in cities in America at the same time. Every city, it claimed, needs a Thamesmead!

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Peabody plans online

The Peabody Thamesmead website has been launched again – hopefully for real this time. There are bits of information and invitations to send in your views or join the staff when they run consultations. Go and explore it here:

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Peabody website update imminent

I was alerted via Twitter (@themurkydepths) to a new website from Peabody detailing some of the changes coming to Thamesmead and inviting futher comment. It included a link to the promised brochure. I duly perused these on my phone but before I got a chance to post the details here, the site began throwing 404 errors, which means the pages have been removed.

From the peek I managed, I don’t think there is any major news that hasn’t been covered at the community meetings, but I’ll link through when it reappears. I suspect somebody accidentally pressed the “go live” button before they were supposed to!

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Thamesmead Fete

fest3There will be a fete in Thamesmead on Saturday 30th May, 2pm -7pm at Southmere Lake near Belvedere Road. This is alongside a number of opportunities to meet Peabody staff in relaxed surrounds with provisions for children and quirky entertainment, to talk about the forthcoming changes in Thamesmead.

Click the thumbnail image in this post to see a bigger version of it, or contact Peabody directly for more information – contact info is available on their website:


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