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RIBA is exhibiting photographs of Thamesmead

A photography display exploring past and present Thamesmead through archival images from the RIBA Collections and contemporary photographs will be available until May. More information here: [Exhibition] “Thamesmead: A Town for the 21st Century” at the RIBA London

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The Changing Face of South Thamesmead

I made a short video about South Thamesmead. It works on computers and phones, but if you have the right gear to experience it, you can view it in 3D, too!

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The Enduring Myth

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Video: Thamesmead festival of light

This is a video I took at the Thamesmead festival recently. It was originally broadcast live on Facebook.

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Stepping out of the shadows

I’ve stepped back from blogging over the past year or so, partially because my working life has been so busy, but also in part due to the glacial slowness of the progression around regenerating Thamesmead. Whilst I truly believe that … Continue reading

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Thamesmead Arts Festival

Details about the week long arts festival in Thamesmead are slowly emerging on the Trust Thamesmead site. There’s a list of some of the highlights in this PDF. Unfortunately for me they are capitalising on half term and running most … Continue reading

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Our neighbours in Abbey Wood

There has been an active Facebook group for Thamesmead for some time, and despite referring to stage 3 in the title, it covers the goings on and memories of Thamesmead for all areas. You can find that here: Recently, … Continue reading

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Do you want your home to appear in a film?

I saw this poster tacked up on my way home – a film maker has been in the area and wants to use a local home interior for a film. Click the image to see the full size picture for … Continue reading

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The Boston Globe, 1970

 I found this interesting snippet via Twitter, posted by @heroicproject Click the image to see the full sized version which espouses the merits of what Thamesmead was expected to be back in the early years, and contrasts it to the … Continue reading

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Peabody plans online

The Peabody Thamesmead website has been launched again – hopefully for real this time. There are bits of information and invitations to send in your views or join the staff when they run consultations. Go and explore it here:

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