Adam Curtis in Thamesmead

There’s an article on where the participants wander around Thamesmead musing on the nature of hope and gloom.

It’s an interesting piece, but a little odd. They begin at Abbey Wood, sensibly enough, but seem to go north into the woods and then loop round through Lesnes Abbey’s grounds to reach Thamesmead. The article refers to “many” walkways being long gone when really most of them are still standing.

The ubiquitous horses get a mention but not a whole lot more. They wind up sitting in a cafe described as being “near” Thamesmead and in a shopping centre, but giving no clue as to where. Possibly they were in the Thames cafe among the Limestone shops, but that’s hardly a shopping centre and is inside the Thamesmead boundaries. Likewise, if there is a cafe near Gogi’s I’m not sure the description fits, and if they were in central Thamesmead then you can’t really say it’s a nearby shopping centre since that’s what passes for our actual town centre.

By the end, instead of using the train the pair are looking for a bus back towards central London. Unless it was night time I don’t fancy their chances as our daytime routes involved changing at least once if you want to be within central London.

It’s an oddity, but it’s nice to see that the area is still remembered for what it was meant to be, despite the actuality never manifesting.

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