Another view

When I write here, I mostly talk about the buildings closest to me – the old style concrete blocks that are pretty much synonymous with the area, largely because they’re the aspect that give the area its reputation: The concrete jungle.

Where Thamesmead has been used as a set for film and TV it’s this area that is concentrated on. The lake where Alex and his droogs go out mugging is overlooked by the old style architecture, and it’s the brutalist design that serves as a strongly evocotive backdrop for Misfits and Beautiful Thing.

But it is important to remember that this is the style used in South Thamesmead for the most part. The area that reaches around Abbey Wood station and brushes past, just north of, Lesnes Abbey. In the north and around the town centre there’s another story to be told. 80s style housing, parks, and river views, perfectly described and photographed in this blog: Single Aspect

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