Demolition in Thamesmead

To contradict my previous post, let me point you to a Youtube video that shows Thamesmead being demolished.

And yet… it is not a full contradiction. There is demolition going on. Some problem buildings and areas are coming down, many around what was Tavy Bridge. But Thamesmead is more than just those few buildings and structures. Although the iconic walkways are going to be reduced significantly, it’s with good reason, and the buildings that come down will be replaced. There is still a massive area of South Thamesmead that is built of the same concrete brutalistic designs, and there are no imminent plans to remove them. The lake, Southmere, will be going nowhere, instead becoming a focal point of the newly refreshed public square. The plans are outlined well in this video, in which Dan from Gallions explains some of the work going on.

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