If this is subject to the usual “7 day window” that much BBC content is, then it will be available online only for a week. It’s possible, though, that as a series of one-off dramas, specially commissioned for the soon-to-be online-only BBC 3 Channel, it might stick around…

So, without further ado, consider going and checking out Flea. This is a short story told in verse. The site that hosts the drama refers to it as Dr Seuss for adults, but the gritty telling through verse put me in mind of a lot of Shakesperian drama. The link to this site is that the tale is told in Thamesmead, played out on a backdrop of grey concrete, pale blue paint and unusual architecture. You get to see the way the estate was built so that the higher levels looked down on the car spaces, and one of the areas specifically put aside for ball games to offset the many signs forbidding them elsewhere. It’s not the cheeriest tale, dealing with domestic violence and drugs and disaffected youth, and yet again Thamesmead is held up as a paragon of deprivation with a family living in a small flat and a main character whose clothes are falling to bits. But it’s nice, it’s got soul and kick and it plays out in a solid and satisfying way. I like it.

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