Girl injured on Yarnton Way

There was a road traffic accident today in the early afternoon on Yarnton Way. The details are sketchy with reports directly contradicting each other. At first it was reported as a young woman in her 20s being hit by a bus, later it was a ten year old girl. Later still the suggestion was that although she walked out between buses, it was actually a white van that hit her.

Someone near the scene reports that doctors from Lakeside Medical Practice went out to help, and the girl had a broken leg. An air ambulance is said to have attended and the girl is said to be in hospital, injured, but not in a life threatening way.

People have been saying for some time that this is a dangerous area of the road. Cars speed along it, it’s a busy route with several buses commonly using it. The walkways were designed to avoid these issues, but the walkways are being pulled down. The timescale for more of this isn’t certain yet, but the one walkway that has been demolished was right by the scene of the accident.

Gallions and Peabody say that because they don’t own the roads they have no say over when work will be done on them. I believe it’s Greenwich council that has authority over this area – if not then it’s Bexley. There have been plans regarding traffic calming measures (I do hope it won’t be speedbumps) and pedestrian crossings but there’s no word as to when.

There’s also no word as to when the remaining walkways will be pulled down, but this stuff really, seriously needs some consideration and co-ordination. The bridge that goes over Harrow Manor Way and links to the remains of Binsey Walk has signs next to it warning that it should be the preferred route for pedestrians as direct road crossing could lead to fatalities. The traffic there is much more difficult to negotiate.

Despite the confusions in the press around the story, I believe the victim today was a girl who is in a stable condition, and I’m glad of that. I sincerely hope that she’s the last and something gets done about crossing provisions soon.

Edited to add:

Well so much for my hopes. I have just heard that a boy was seriously injured by a car on Kale Road this evening, this time down to poor parking blocking the driver’s view. The walkways may have caused fear at ground level but this was just the sort of thing they were designed to avoid. It would seem we need more road safety education locally for kids and drivers alike. I hope this boy is okay, but the reports don’t sound promising.

Further edited:

The boy died.

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