I have no idea why but the train station was crawling with police when I came home at about 5 this evening. Most people claim the links to Thamesmead are weak in terms of transport, but this isn’t entirely true. My own house is a ten minute walk from Abbey Wood station, a handly location when looking things up on electronic train timetables since it always comes first alphabetically.

I’m intrigued as to whether any light is shed on what was happening. The gates to platform two were closed, and three or four police officers were waving people away and pointing them towards the very crowded footbridge. Upon crossing the bridge and making my way out through the main entrance, I, and around sixty other people, walked past an entire department of police (or so it seemed). There must have been at least twenty of them around the entrance, and I saw more standing in the car park. There were dogs among them, too. But they just stood and watched and didn’t interact with anyone. It was as though they were waiting for someone incredibly dangerous to alight from a train, but if that were the case, then surely their target would have seen them all and just stayed on until Dartford or London? Most strange.

Meanwhile, on a totally different topic, Theresa Pearce is encouraging local residents to make films. Personally I’m only really interested if they concentrate on the area, either as a backdrop, or in documentary coverage. Read more on her own snappily titled blog post:

Teresa urges would-be filmmakers in Erith and Thamesmead to enter national film competition

On the subject of backdrops… I expect Thamesmead will be playing film set for the next series of Misfits which has recently been announced. Sadly I thought series three was pretty awful and I wish they’d stopped earlier. I don’t really relish the thought of more. Never mind, eh? I’ll watch anyway in the hope of being able to say I can see my house as a tiny dot in the background of some long shot.

There you go – it’s not all about the graffiti around here!

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