Regularity and Lakeside Medical

Following in the footsteps of The Thamesmead Grump (, I’ve decided that I will probably do a better job of posting to this blog if I make it a regular thing, rather than posting when I feel I have time. I want to inject a little more personality, as well, since the best blogs invite you into a writer’s world better than I have managed here to date. I still want to keep a firm focus on Thamesmead rather than my personal life, but this should hopefully make things a little more interesting along the way.

I’m going to aim for an update once a week, even if it’s not really got anything much of consequence to it.

This week I’ve been trawling Ebay and Amazon in a hunt for interesting items of relevance to Thamesmead. I’ve picked up a few gems along the way since I started doing this months ago, so I’ll try to post details of a few items sometime soon.

Another thing I’ve done is to pay a visit to Lakeside Medical Practice to get my shoulder looked at as I’ve been getting some strain-like pain in it for a few months. I moved to Thamesmead when this surgery was already up and running and although it can be tricky to get an appointment sometimes, I have found it seems to be run very well. I like all the doctors and nurses I have seen, who have without exception treated me as an intelligent adult and listened properly to my complaints. I’ve had friendly conversations with them, good treatment, and good follow-up care. In this case I’m coming back to see a different doctor to have my shoulder injected, which will then be followed up on and I will be referred for physiotherapy and an MRI if necessary. Although working the appointments around my working day is tricky, I can’t really fault the staff on anything else – although I was a bit concerned that they weren’t going to open the doors in time for my 7am appointment when I turned up at quarter to to see that the “opening hours” listed an 8am start. I think that’s for the appointment bookings, though, and I was let in just in the nick of time to see Dr Milstein.

Something I really ought to get sorted out is registering with a local dentist.

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