I switched jobs last year and since then I’ve been incredibly busy at work. What with one thing and another, blogging took a rather low priority, and this blog has languished somewhat.

People still find it from time to time, and there are people who drop by to see if there is anything new. And so… I have recruited help!

Please welcome Sharon on board as a contributor. I know Sharon from the South Thamesmead Residents group, she lives just around the corner from me. She has often pointed out how long it’s been since I last updated, or pointed out that I have failed to put up something of interest to residents, so from now forwards the burden of effort will be shared. I’m hoping that this will spur me on to update more myself, but at the very least I’ll be approving Sharon’s content.

Apologies for the down time, welcome to the future.

My next post will hopefully be more on topic!

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