A rough plan

Building a readership for a blog is no easy task, and until there is some compelling content, what can possible bring readers back? For that reason I don’t intend to start working hard on pulling in viewers until I have a small body of articles available. Until then the site gets to grow organically.

The subject matter will be focused. I don’t intend to start talking about what I do at work, Tescos trying to take over the world or the new iWhatever unless it’s directly relevant to Thamesmead and the surrounding area. My own personal view of “the surrounding area” may vary at times, so I may talk about the Olympics or the riots in Woolwich but I will attempt to make this interesting for those with an interest in Thamesmead.

I live in the area of Thamesmead immediately north of Lesnes Abbey Woods, after which the local area got its name – the train station I use for my weekday commute is Abbey Wood station, while my address is actually Erith. I’m in London travel Zone 4, but have a Kent address. I don’t necessarily know what’s going on in the more northern end of Thamesmead, but I’m always looking for views and information.

What I say here is my own opinion and views. I do not speak for my employer, I am not a sock puppet for some politician or an advertising machine. I will, however, present content from sources that fit with this little “manifesto”.

I will attempt to update the blog weekly, preferably more often. I want to explore the past of the area and document changes as they happen. I’ve only been here for three years but I don’t see myself leaving any time soon.

I believe the Crossrail project will change the area, but let’s see if I’m proven wrong. I want to find an audience and hear what other people think of the area.

Let’s see if this little project can live up to those expectations.

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