Cross Quarter

Right after committing to regular updates, I got ill and didn’t post last week. Ho hum. It was a fascinating chance to visit Lakeside Medical Practice, though.

I joke. Doctors surgeries are not a huge amount of fun, and I was there for an unrelated complaint, anyway.

Possibly the most relevant thing to happen to me last week was that I received a letter from the people who sent me a Dart Tag many moons ago – right after they disappointed me with the news about how I’m not a local enough local to the crossing to earn the discount for locals. When I moved to Thamesmead people told me I was the wrong side of London and having realised that it takes about an hour to drive to the point where I’m really escaping the confines of greater London, I see their point. It add insult to injury to have to pay each time, but thankfully it’s not a journey I make often and the prices are kind of okay when compared to the M6 fees.

The latest letter detailed changes to the terms and conditions of using the bridge. In horrendous detail with no clarity whatsoever. It’s as though somebody tidied up some grammar and made a few other odd changes and then somebody went through and made a list of all the changes. “Added a comma after the word ‘and’..” for example. Then they put it in an envelope and sent it to me. If they are hiding desperately important changes in the midst of a sea of irrelevance then it’s worked, I couldn’t be bothered to read all the way through, and yet I think I’m deemed to have accepted the terms. Not that it matters, there’s no sensible route north in this country when you start at Thamesmead and want to avoid the Dartford Crossing, so I’m stuck with it anyway.

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