Linking back in gratitude

Every so often I go into the logs for this site and see where I’m garnering traffic. A lot comes from Google and it’s people who drop in and leave immediately. It used to be that you could see what search terms had been used, but since Google started to do its searches securely, I’m now denied that.

I’ve just discovered a reasonably prominent link on a blog called Single Aspect which is all about council housing in Britain and which links me as a blog the author follows, among others. I’m thankful for being noticed and for the traffic it brings, and thought I’d return the favour in some small part with a mention here.

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2 Responses to Linking back in gratitude

  1. Single Aspect says:

    Thanks Max, and in turn I’ve added your blog to my Blogroll.

    However, my reason for writing (unable to find email address for you) is can you help with this?

    “Help request! Online, I’m finding it very hard to find any images of the demolished Tavy Bridge Medical Centre in Thamesmead. Any clues?” from Douglas Murphy on Twitter

    Anyone? Thanks.

    • Max says:

      Nice challenge. I have a magazine article at home that I’m planning to reproduce here, I think that has a photo. There’s a small version as part of the banner on the Facebook group for Thamesmead:

      There are some shots of it in the Youtube video, Living At Thamesmead: but none seem particularly clear on a quick scrub through (there may be an establishing shot in the scene with the small girl at the dentist but I didn’t spot that scene just now). The Thamesmead 1970 video is even worse.

      I’ll check the pic in the magazine later for you, though.

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