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There’s a story doing the rounds of the local press right now proclaiming Thamesmead as film setting of the month, an accolade awarded by Film Fixer. What’s interesting is that the area is getting quite firmly linked to Misfits which is filmed here, although the fictional setting of Misfits is actually named Wertham. The majority of outdoor scenes are filmed locally but the interiors are almost all elsewhere.

I used to love Misfits, but I feel that it’s gone downhill. I never warmed to Rudy and the loss of further characters makes it feel a lot less cohesive. Even before that, though, once we knew the characters there didn’t seem to be much driving force beyond monster of the week, and the way the powers are played with is far less interesting than when they appeared to be a dangerous secret that a few people had access to.

It doesn’t stop me watching, though, dipping in repeatedly to see the locations. I’m waiting for the episode I can freeze frame and proclaim “I can see my house from here!”

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