Transport – a bridge in Thamesmead?

Thamesmead has been in the news again recently with a lot of noise around the transport links and the reanimated plans for a road bridge.

I’ve seen arguments for and against a road bridge and am largely undecided on whether it’s a good idea. I do appreciate that public transport could do a lot for the area without ploughing cars and lorries through the place, but while they would move people about with relative ease, business will only invest in the area if deliveries are easier and deliveries mean road traffic, not DLR extensions and foot bridges.

On the other hand, the amount of traffic they want to shove down the existing roads is unworkable. Knee Hill and Brampton Road simply can’t cope, and it would make a nightmare out of getting onto Harrow Manor Way from the likes of Yarnton Way. (Pointless aside: When I was looking to move to Thamesmead I would often see adverts for houses that gave directions for viewings that included Yarnton Way. It was several months before I realised that was the name of the road, as the font the estate agents used made it appear to say Yamton.)

Of course, the road has been proposed and dismissed so many times that I use the term re-animated quite deliberately as I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the plans shelved, burried, killed and dug up again in another five to ten years.

If Thamesmead Garden City is to become a reality, though, then we surley need somethign to improve access to the northern end of Thamesmead as well as Crossrail dropping people in the south? On that… I previously noted the sudden enthusiasm to make Thamesmead Garden City and wondered quite what it meant. At the South Thamesmead Neighbourhood Group last week I found out: It doesn’t mean anything as such. It’s just a woolly phrase that was trendy at the time in the light of the budget statements and applying it to Thamesmead meant that Peabody could potentially raise the profile of the area.

Some more blog musings surrounding the bridge plans over here:

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