Trees to be planted in Birchmere Park

A friend of mine lives in Walthamstow and recently extolled the virtues of a local scheme that had people up early in the morning and turning out in droves to plant trees in the area. It looks like it may well have been a part of the same scheme that will see a Thamesmead park follow suit early in 2012 (January 28th). The ambitious plan is to set twelve thousand trees growing so that they will later form a barrier to the Eastern Way road.

This is run by a charity known as Trees for Cities who are in this instance working with Gallions housing association, Trust Thamesmead and the GLA.

Not only does this seem to be a much more cohesive plan than the “green points” scheme in terms of having a real impact and being sustainable in years to come, but the event is set to be an entertaining day in and of itself, with live music and face painting being touted as some of the attractions.

I got in touch with Lucy Swan for more information (07540 789 383 or email and she passed on the following information:

– Starts 11am-3pm (Saturday 28th January)
– No need to book but if people need more info then Polly Jarman is the one to contact
– No entry fee, completely free.


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