It seems that there are plans afoot to potentially resurrect a previously dead scheme to add a new crossing to the Thames, one which would link Thamesmead and Beckton. This was apparently first mooted some years ago and quashed by the Mayor, Boris, in 2008 citing a lack of funding.

Now, it seems there may be a reprieve for the plans, although it remains a “maybe” and converstation continues to surround whether it’s likely to be the previously considered bridge, or a tunnel, or possibly another ferry crossing.

I’m in two minds as to whether it’s a good plan. I regularly use the Dartford Crossing. Well, semi-regularly. I have a car but it doesn’t see a lot of use, tending to take me for 250 mile round trips and involving a good spell on the M25 each time. I vaguely resent having to pay to leave home, but looking at the plans and knowing how the congestion in the area works I doubt the new bridge would significantly impact me in terms of being something I’d use.  I’d rather head away from the city centre and pay than suffer heavy traffic to avoid the charge. Perhaps it would open up the potential for better bus routes to and from the area, though, and I have no real insight on how much use it would be to locals.

What concerns me personally is how much direct effect it would have on the local environment’s pollution levels, and whether the roads leading into the traffic routes across the bridge are set up to cope. I guess wiser people than me are on the case, and it was concerns about inadequate traffic modelling in the past that led at least in part to previous cancellation. It’s a story I’ll be keeping an eye on, and vague ideas that it might happen one day are as far as it’s progressed so far.

I’m interested to watch opinions offered from each side as I’m clearly under-informed on the matter to date.

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