No, the OTHER Thamesmead (1 of 2)

I have Google alerts set up to tell me when there’s anything new happening in Thamesmead according to the big wide world of the web. A lot of what comes up is football related – I won’t be covering that here, I have zero interest in football. Amongst the rest there are all kinds of little snippets of interest, but one of the oddest is the regular real estate updates.

Now, it’s not uncommon to find that there are adverts for houses, flats and maisonettes in the area coming onto the market, but amongst the links to Rightmove and lie some adverts for the likes of

I’d usually link to such adverts, but by their nature they’re going to be short lived, so hear’s a copy/pasted sample:

Another Bowie, Maryland Short Sale listed By Exit Bennett Realty. If you are interested in information about the Short Sale process please Call Steve Queen for your personal consultation at (202) 367-4348.

8815 Thamesmead Court Bowie, MD

It seems property in Thamesmead Court is often available, and surprisingly, in this case it’s a house that actually mirrors houses in our own Thamesmead quite closely in style. There’s a three floor, tall and thin profile to the house, a combined kitchen and diner, and three bedrooms, with proportions roughly matching those over here – unusual for America as I understand it.

You have to wonder what inspired the name, it’s doubtful that most residents of the area have ever even seen the Thames.


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