No, the OTHER Thamesmead (2 of 2)

Although Google alerts give me plenty of food for thought when I’m considering content for this blog, it’s not the only source of information. No, I also use the google non-alert, otherwise known as plain old searching.

The bizarre thing is that after the first result, which is a cobbled together bit of information supplied by Google’s own mapping and a wikipedia article, the next item has nothing to do with what you’d probably consider the “real” Thamesmead.

Instead, you’re greeted with a link to Thamesmead Online which sounds like exactly the kind of community hub you might be looking for if you run a search as generic as “Thamesmead”. In fact, the site is not only quite clearly not a community information source or communications hub, but a company selling janitorial supplies, but it’s not even based in Thamesmead, instead boasting an address in New Cross. I can only assume that the company’s roots are in a start up that outgrew Thamesmead but kept its name. Odd, though.

More intriguing yet is the next hit on the Google search, which leads me to Thamesmead School where, it boasts, “Learning comes first”. That’s all very well, but since schools don’t tend to move premises and keep their names, I’m left baffled as to why the school holds this name. It is based in Shepperton, Surrey. Admittedly, they have more claim to a name linked to the Thames than a property development in North America, but you’d have thought that they would also have more insight into the existing town, and possibly they might have heard of some of the malignant claims attached to it. But they chose the name anyway, and they have a far more professional looking website than the office bathroom and kitchen supply company.

Perhaps they should hook up and the school could get its paper towels and staff room supplies from its namesake.

The next search results are a mixed lot of far more relevant items. There are some Flickr photographs, some details of the football club, and a link through to Trust Thamesmead. It’s a pity they’re ousted from the top spot by interlopers.

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