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I wrote previously about a community voice meeting I attended, and the next one is coming up next week. I’ll be going along again but I’m off on holiday shortly afterwards, and unlikely to be able to do a write up in anything like a timely manner. Alex, from Trust Thamesmead, who emailed me about the meeting wants the word spread, and publishing it wholesale is kind of like forwarding it to interested parties, right?


Dear All,

The next Community Voice meeting for all Thamesmead residents will be taking place next week on Thursday 29th May, 6.30-8.30pm at the usual venue The Link Thamesmead. The Link, Belvedere Road (off Harrow Manor way), Thamesmead, SE2 9BS.

This will be the third Community Voice meeting and they seem to be growing in support from local residents so I would love to try and get as many people as possible to this one to hear from all of the speakers but also as per standard practise to raise concerns, questions or issues to the Trust or Teresa Pearce MP.

As normal the evening will be hosted by Erith & Thamesmead MP, Teresa Pearce but we will also be having presentations by;

  • Sarah Feleppa – Community Development Volunteering Officer for Trust Thamesmead
  • Ken Baikie – Interim Director Thamesmead Strategy at Peabody
  • Stephanie Turner – Community Sports Activator for Now’s The Time
  • Link Action 4 Youth
  • Open Forum for residents – Activities, points of interest and issues from local groups and individuals

We are very fortunate to have Ken Baikie who is the Interim Director for Thamesmead Strategy at Peabody who will update residents on Peabody’s wider vision and ambitions for Thamesmead over the coming years. We also have presentation’s from local groups and project leads including the Trust’s Volunteering Officer Sarah Feleppa presenting on what the Trust are doing ahead of National Volunteers Week, which is the week after the meeting.

More importantly, the Community Voice meetings are for residents to engage in the work Trust Thamesmead are doing, to have their say about their local area and to hear from other local groups who would like to promote their activities or work they are doing.

Please do forward this email to anyone who might be interested in coming along and spread the word amongst friends, family and neighbours. I look forward to seeing many of you there!

In the mean-time if you have any questions please don’t hesitate in calling or emailing me.

Best wishes,


Alex Forrester
Community Development Officer


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