Exhaustion and Lake Misuse

As I write I am missing the Thamesmead Community Voice meeting. Unfortunately I had a hectic weekend over the bank holiday and wore myself out. I’ve been at work but I’m a wreck in the evenings and I have to pack for a forthcoming holiday. As such, it seemed prudent to take the chance for some rest and forego the meeting.

If anyone who was there would like to contact me with a short (or long!) write up I’d like to publish it.

Meanwhile, though, I’m a little annoyed to hear of the abuse Southmere Lake is seeing of late. First of all the News Shopper reported obnoxious behaviour from people on jetskis being rowdy on the lake – which just made me roll my eyes a bit. I guess that’s the next step up from roaming the estate on noisy motorbikes. The next news was quite sad, though. A swan who was resident on the lake had built a nest in one of the northern corners. It wasn’t the prettiest nest ever, lined as it was with crisp packets and other debris, but the swan was sitting on a clutch of eggs on there – I have a photo in the gallery section. Sadly the eggs are now destroyed by a combination of rocks having damaged them and being abandoned, and the abandonment comes only due to the mother swan being killed, presumably by the same rock wielding thugs.

And this, as they say, is why we can’t have nice things.

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